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Does my financial institution participate in SUM?
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Participating SUM Institution(s) - Starting with "S"  
Sabal Palm Bank
Sandhills Bank
Savers Cooperative Bank
Savoy Bank
Schaumburg Bank & Trust Company, N.A.
Scient Federal Credit Union
Seamen's Bank
Seasons Federal Credit Union
Service Credit Union
Sharon & Crescent United Credit Union
Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union
Sidney State Bank
Sikorsky Financial Credit Union
Silvergate Bank
Solera National Bank
Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union
Somerville School Employees Federal Credit Union
SoundView Financial Credit Union
South Shore Bank
Southbridge Credit Union
Southern First Bank
Southern Heritage Bank
Southern Mass Credit Union
SouthPoint Bank
Southwestern National Bank
St. Anne's Credit Union
St. Charles Bank & Trust Company, N.A.
St. Jean's Credit Union
St. Joseph Medical Center MD Federal Credit Union
St. Mary's Bank
St. Mary's Credit Union
St. Vincent Hospital Credit Union
Stamford Federal Credit Union, Inc.
State Bank & Trust
State Bank of Southern Utah
State Bank of the Lakes, N.A.
StonehamBank - A Cooperative Bank
Stoughton Cooperative Bank
Suncrest Bank
SunMark Community Bank
Sunstate Bank
Surrey Bank & Trust
Sutton Bank
Sweet Water State Bank